The Untold Stories of Alderman Don Parrillo
(Hyde Park Media, 2009)

Conscientious Objectors in a Volunteer Army
(Chicago Tribune, 2003)

Understanding Islam
(Chicago Tribune, 2002)

 The Dot-Com Name Game
(Chicago Reader, 2000)

 CNBC: Viewer Discretion Advised
(Chicago Reader, 2000)

  A Warrior Brought Down By Love:
Lt. Col. James (Bo) Gritz

(Chicago Tribune, 1999)

  Grass Roots
(Chicago Tribune, 1998)

 Bonobo Apes Are Teaching Us About Ourselves
(Chicago Tribune, 1998)

Who Caused The Great Chicago Fire:
The Cow?
Or Louis M. Cohn?

(Chicago Tribune, 1997 & 1998)

Casino Review
(Hyde Park Media, 1994-1997)

 Pen Name:
Having Perfected the Ball Point,
Paul Fisher Wrote a Plan to Save the World

(Chicago Tribune Magazine, 1991)

Interview: Anne Akiko Meyers
Exeter  C
hicago, 1991)

Interview: Richard Redlin
Metro #4, 1990)

Interview: Milla Jovovich
(Metro #3, 1989)

  Shouting Thomas
(Chicago Tribune, 1989)

Country Girls
(Chicago Times Magazine, 1989)

 Dillinger's Dupes
(Chicago Tribune, 1988)

Fly Expert Lands Amid Murder
(Chicago Tribune, 1988)

 This Firm Shows Great Restraint
(Chicago Tribune, 1988)

  Passion And The PC
(Chicago Tribune, 1987)

The Housefly Has Made A Pest Of Himself
For 25 Million Years

(Chicago Tribune, 1986)

 Banquets From A Bus
(Chicago Tribune, 1986)

Editor's Note:

What follows are some newspaper assignments from the Chicago Tribune we did long ago & recently happened upon online.
Why they’re all online is anyone’s guess, because they were originally published on newsprint. There was no online in the 80s & early '90s.
In any event, for us, a welcomed blast from the past.

No Tears For Bozo
(Chicago Tribune, 1994)

Buying A Bare Bone Beauty
(Chicago Tribune, 1993)

Party At Wyler Hospital Remembers The Children
(Chicago Tribune, 1993)

A Taste Of Home
(Chicago Tribune, 1992)

Aristocratic Image Is Falling Off The Polo Pony
(Chicago Tribune, 1986)

Track Still Going Through Its Paces
(Chicago Tribune, 1985)

Police Marine Beat Not Just A Place To Cool Heels
(Chicago Tribune, 1985)

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